10 mm Thin Slabs

During the past decades, the flooring market has shifted toward ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl due to their exceptional light-weight and thin thickness. This feature solely lowers transportation, handling, and installation costs. For example, weight is the principal reason highrise structures use these products over natural stone products of 20mm, as it drastically reduces the structural weight. 

With the advancement in the stone machinery industry, stone products of 10mm are no longer a dream. A natural product with true beauty and elegance. Proudly to express, Persian Marble is the first company in the Middle East to have this technology and provides luxury thin Iranian natural stone to customers.

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Digital Scan

Digital scanner allows us to provide you with a photo of every stone slab, panel, and tile produced in the factory. With this technology, we want to give confidence to customers with their purchases. 

The scanner is color calibrated, meaning that it gives the True Color photo of the products scanned. This means that the photos we provide to customers are in a standard format without photo filtering or enhancement modifications. 

AI Sorting

Our factory uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to sort floor tiles. This technology categorizes tiles of any color to their shade of color. We guarantee that tiles sorted by this technology provides a surface of one shade, and you no longer have to worry about the mixed coloring of tiles installed.