10mm Thin Slabs

Persian Marble introducing Thin Stone: A Superior, Natural Solution for Modern Construction

Welcome to a revolution in architectural design with Thin Stone, the perfect amalgamation of elegance, strength, and lightness. Persian Marble offers Thin Stone, 10mm thin natural stone slabs and panels, spanning dimensions of up to 285×153 cm (9×5 feet), offering a luxurious, natural alternative to traditional design elements.

Our products signal a return to the elegance of nature, eradicating unsightly joints and breathing fresh life into both residential and commercial spaces. Ideal for renovations and upgrades, Thin Stone brings the timeless allure of stone back into the spotlight for architects seeking strong, thin, lightweight, large format, and yet luxurious natural coverings.


High-Rise Luxury Buildings:
Thin Stone revolutionizes the construction of luxury high-rise buildings by providing a solution to the traditional logistical challenges posed by heavy natural stone slabs. With Thin Stone, architects and builders can continue to deliver high-quality, classy projects while easily addressing structural and logistical concerns.

Upgrading Renovations:
The innovative Thin Stone, requiring a thickness space of only 12mm, presents a compelling solution for floor renovations. It enables easy installation by merely removing the existing floor covering and replacing it with our large format thin panels using tile adhesive. This process eliminates the need for mortar, grout, or any other potentially messy removal substances, and can even be installed over existing coverings.

Thin Stone is the key to transforming commercial spaces into realms of luxury. Elevate your building’s value, install groutless panels, fill joints, and polish to a perfect level to enjoy a luxurious, joint-free natural stone floor.

Modern Stone /Aluminum Composite Panels:
Further, Thin Stone can be paired with Aluminum Honeycomb to create lightweight composite natural stone panels suitable for façades. The weight of these stone composite panels is a mere 30 kgs/sqm, a significant reduction from traditional 3 cm full body stone façade panels that weigh in at 80 kgs/sqm. Persian Marble is also in the process of producing composite slab size panels as light as 20 kgs/m2.

With Thin Stone, it’s time to reconsider the application of natural stone in your floor and façade designs, favoring elegance without sacrificing practicality. Rediscover the timeless allure of stone with Persian Marble’s Thin Stone collection. Try it and experience the difference yourself!    

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